UEFA Champions League (UCL) is back with its schedule and excitement and we will see the same in mid-September. 8 Groups and 32 teams are going to play for the ultimate European Supremacy.  After yesterday’s draws ceremony all the teams were allotted their groups and today we will discuss what these teams in their groups have to offer. Also, we are predicting the toppers and droppers of every group.





Manchester City

Paris Saint-Germain

RB Leipzig

Club Brugge

In our opinion, one of the toughest groups to survive with respect to the quality of football we might see here today. We can see two definite heavyweights of football, Manchester City and PSG clashing against each other. RB Leipzig will be the contributing factor for some upsets in particular matches, with the fighting Club Brugge who might produce some interesting results from this group.

Fixtures to watch out for: –

Manchester City vs PSG.

PSG vs RB Leipzig.

RB Leipzig vs Club Brugge.

Predictions of Group A: –

PSG – 12 points

Manchester City – 9 points

RB Leipzig – 7 points

Club Brugge – 2 points



Club Atletico de Madrid

Liverpool FC

FC Porto

AC Milan

This Group is as we call the Group of Death, as we cannot predict who will rise through the ranks. We have the Spanish Champions lined up against the Reds, with passionate FC Porto and AC Milan. All have their eyes on the Top 2 spots and it is very tough to predict what is about to happen.

Fixtures to watch out for: –

Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool

Liverpool vs AC Milan

Atletico Madrid vs FC Porto

Predictions: –

Atletico Madrid – 7 points

Liverpool – 6 points

AC Milan – 4 points

FC Porto – 3 points



Sporting Club de Portugal

Borussia Dortmund

AFC Ajax

Bestikas JK

This group in particular might look like an ordinary group, but has a lot to offer with the aspects of the scoreboard. Borussia Dortmund might have an easy escape from this group but not quite, as they face Sporting Club de Portugal with the Ajax. Besiktas might look to settle towards the bottom end, but will bring themselves points with clinical upsets.

Fixtures to watch out for: –

Borussia Dortmund vs Sporting Club

Borussia Dortmund vs AFC Ajax

AFC Ajax vs Sporting Club

Predictions: –

Borussia Dortmund – 12 points

AFC Ajax – 6 points

SC Portugal – 6 points

Besiktas JK – 3 points



FC Internazionale Milano

Real Madrid CF

FC Shakhtar Donetsk

FC Sheriff Tiraspol

Another group is full of ifs and buts, but this group is a full entertainer. Every match will guarantee you an equal amount of excitement and joy. Real Madrid might have an edge over the other three, but Inter Milan and Shakhtar are the most definite competitors for them and might want to punch harder for the top 2 spots.

Fixtures to watch out for: –

Inter Milan vs Real Madrid

Shakhtar Donetsk vs Real Madrid

Inter Milan vs Shaktar

Predictions: –

Real Madrid – 10 points

Shakhtar – 7 points

Inter Milan – 6 points

Sheriff Tiraspol – 2 points



FC Bayern Munich

FC Barcelona

SL Benfica

FC Dynamo Kyiv

One of the groups where definite results might be produced if things went well specifically for some teams, is very much of Group E. FC Barcelona might want to avenge the fierce Bayern, whereas Benfica will be the team that might produce shocking results in this group. Dynamo Kyiv is the team that will fight till the end and might take some matches in their favor.

Fixtures to watch out for: –

Bayern vs FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona vs SL Benfica

Dynamo Kyiv vs SL Benfica

Predictions: –

FC Bayern Munich – 12 points

FC Barcelona – 9 points

SL Benfica – 3 points

Dynamo Kyiv – 3 points



Villarreal CF

Manchester United FC

Atalanta BC

BSC Young Boys

Another group full of uncertainties and full footballing entertainment. Villarreal will look to continue their Europa form in the Champions League, but Manchester United and Atalanta are looking stronger than ever. BSC Young Boys might want their name on the Top 2 but they have to punch harder than ever to win the points.

Fixtures to look out for:-

Villarreal vs Manchester United

Manchester United vs BSC Young Boys

Atalanta BC vs Villarreal CF

Predictions: –

Manchester United – 8 points

Villarreal – 6 points

Atalanta – 5 points

BSC Young Boys – 4 points



LOSC Lille

Sevilla FC

FC Salzburg

VFL Wolfsburg

Group G is the most underrated group of teams that might be in this season of the Champions League. Sevilla has the advantage over all the Group G teams. But when you have French Champions and FC Salzburg with Wolfsburg on the line, you can accept anything.

Fixtures to look out for:-

Lille vs Sevilla

Sevilla vs Salzburg

Wolfsburg vs Lille

Predictions: –

Sevilla – 9 points

Wolfsburg – 6 points

Salzburg – 6 points

Lille – 4 points



Chelsea FC

Juventus FC

Football Club Zenit

Malmo FF

Last but not the least, Group H has it all to be the most challenging group out of all. Tuchel’s Chelsea is all set to face this lineup of Juventus, Russian Heavyweight Zenit, and the Swedish Champs Malmo. Top 2 might be easy to predict but anything can happen.

Fixtures to look out for:-

Chelsea vs Juventus

Zenit vs Malmo

Juventus vs Zenit

Predictions: –

Chelsea – 12 points

Juventus – 9 points

Zenit – 4 points

Malmo – 2 points


UEFA Champions League will start with a lot of footballing nights scheduled for you. To be very honest, it is tough for anyone to predict what will happen and it was for us too. This season, the group has been equally poised and very well set for the kickoff. All we know is, UEFA Champions League has some very special nights to offer. So, pick your teams and wait for the European Season to start.

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Chinmay Buva

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