UEFA EURO 2020, formerly known as the European Championship, is about to conclude its 16th edition. 24 teams played in 9 different host countries over a month to acclaim their chances over European glory. Many emotions were displayed all over this tournament, anxiety, sadness, joy, celebrations and many more were on the scenes. Some small teams celebrated the huge wins, whereas some big teams left packing. After 50 games including Knockouts, all it is left are 2 Heavyweight teams ready to rumble for One Grand Final. It is much better for a final as it is between the dominating favorites Italy, facing the crowd favorite England, in an auspicious ground of Wembley.


People were fighting with this COVID-19 pandemic and football had to shut abruptly in 2020. UEFA EURO 2020 plans were shifted a year ahead and people were forced to wait for European footballing summer. Our Frontline warriors fought their hearts out throughout the year 2020 so that we could witness this footballing action now. Our gratitude will always be towards them. This year, the fans were allowed in full capacity and the old roaring football fans were back for the European football fiesta.

Italy has seen itself far more dominant than anyone as the tournament long run is concerned. They are unbeaten since the start of this tournament and will look to carry their form towards being champions. Whereas, England might have a chance after their last triumph of the 1966 World Cup to redeem a trophy back home. Both were clear favorites to win it, but all it takes to win is not support. In this write-up, We will try to explain who has a better side and your thought will be appreciated towards the end.

Why Should You watch this

Italy will be playing their 10th Major Tournament Final, 4th in the EUROs. Winning it in 1968, they lost their consecutive 2 final appearances in 2000 and 2012. In any context, they will try to win the EUROS this time around. England has their 55 years long thirst for winning any Major tournament that has driven them crazy. Their passion will be the plus point that will motivate the English to win this. Also, the game is going to be played at Wembley, so maybe an advantage lies for England on their home soil to play and win this. Also, It is the UEFA EURO Finals, nothing gets more passionate than ever when this event is on. A world with the whole of Europe is ready to see their 16th winner as this final takes place.

Euro 2020

Mancini has formed a team rather spectacular than ever, making it inevitable to win this tournament. They have a 34-month winning streak to carry on, as well as the fan’s expectation to finally win the EUROS after 2 consecutive finals defeated. Whereas, Southgate had the better of his men, while his rotation proved England a worthy man to guide. The quest of homecoming continues, but will it stop today?

Road to the Finals


Dominant will be the word used to describe this Italian team campaign. Starting their campaign by kicking off the EURO with a 3-0 win over Turkey. Against the Swiss, they won with the same margin as the Turks, 3-0 with an unassailable effort from Donnarumma. They wrapped up the group stages with a narrow win of 1-0 against Wales and ease their way to the top of Group A.

While facing Austria in the RO16, the pressure was eminent, though was relieved after Extra-Time, as they won 2-1, conceding their first goal in 8 months. Italy was looking confident than ever, as they won a game after extra time and not making things difficult by taking it to the Penalties. Against Belgium in the Quarter Finals, Italian showed some valiant effort to win it 2-1. With some fierce efforts of Lorenzo Insigne, who was opportunistic right from the start. Azzuri faced La Roja in the Semi-Final, which was their 10th major face-off against each other. Azzuri won that game on penalties 4-2 but still were captivating enough on the game before drawing 1-1 after extra time. Italy reached the final and all of a sudden they Europe is backing them to win it. Once called Dark Horses, they are nonchalantly the favorites to win it.

Euro 2020


British had their Ifs and Buts but eventually, they got to the fans with their own team performance and luck. Starting their EURO campaign, with a 1-0 win over Croatia, avenging their bitter semi-final exit from WC 2018. Against their neighbor rivals Scotland, England had a nil-draw with nothing much to watch than England holding possession. The Czech Republic almost had England under their sleeves, still, England managed to win it 1-0 and proceed to the top of their group.

England faced their bitter rivals Germany in the RO16, some towards the end goals made it possible for them to defeat Germany 2-0. Sterling had the better of the game and helped England through to the Quarters. England schooled Ukraine 4-0 with some great effort from the forward and defensive Midfielders. In the Semi-Finals, Danes came along their way but were shy of defeating them due to a controversial penalty and scenarios involving them. England won 2-1 after extra time with the penalty that saved them.

Team News


Mancini concerns over their RB increase as Spinazzola faces a muscle injury in between the Euros. Emerson still will be the one replacing him. Their defense remains unaffected as Chiellini – Bonnucci link is unbreakable. Their midfielder Jorginho will be the key in the technicality of the Azzuri. An overall well-set team will be ready to face England. Some minor changes on the sheets can be expected though. Technically they have a very stiff core team to hold on to their chances.

Predicted XI

Italy Predicted Lineup


England hasn’t seen many injuries, and Southgate will hope their team will be on the podium with the trophy tonight. Fair advantages rising, there must be no room for errors for the British. Foden’s absence still might hurt them but the depth in England squad is much more than just probabilities. England has a great team and we will expect some score from their side.

Predicted XI

England Predicted Lineup

Tactical Analysis


Italians are very technical when it comes to their play styles. Mancini still attacks out wide but still has a habit of holding possession across the pitch. Italy can still improve in the area of holding the opposition’s attack but still has the ability to defend the same. Mancini has one holding defender (Jorginho) and has proved beneficial all over the tournament, who rotates himself all over his area. Italian attack is opportunistic and has a good edge to hit long shots and makes play according to the chances possible. Italy is by far having a technical edge over England.

Southgate (England ) vs Mancini (Italy)


England has more of a physical approach towards their play and will be their key to winning it. They are very much similar to Italy in holding possession but have additional attributes of pace, quick feet, and agility to their sheets. Southgate hasn’t quite used them well, but still has a good team to go ahead in this encounter. Depth in the squad was their key and still will be one final time ahead of this final.

Key clashes to watch out for in this Final Clash

1.Gianluigi Donnarumma × Jordan Pickford

UEFA EURO final and clash of two goalkeepers are going to be prominent. Italian Wall vs the British Golden hands will clash in front of each other as both sides will have an attacking approach towards opposition nets. Who gets the more of the saves and who triumphs in this battle? It is quite uncertain.

2. Giorgino Chiellini × Jadon Sancho

The Young attacker vs the experienced center-back will be an interesting battle to watch out for. Jason Sancho has created more chances than anyone in England, his runs and solo passes are appreciated. Chiellini has made more interceptions and blocks than any defender in this tournament. So will be an interesting match-up to see this but with loads of expectations rolling up.

England vs Italy

3. Lorenzo Insigne × Harry Maguire

This battle will be interesting in a fact seeing the most opportunistic striker player for Italy facing against more of a physical defender of England. Insigne has more shots on target in this tournament than anyone. On the other hand, Maguire has more blocks and a clearance rate for England. It will be key for Maguire to blocks those shots, but for Insigne to deliver those winning goals at chances.

4. Jorginho × Kalvin Phillips

It will be a Holding Midfielder battle on the grounds based on how kept passes and interceptions are made. Jorginho is a very technical holding midfielder, rotates all over the field, and takes the ball within reach. Kelvin Phillips rather needs to team up with Rice or else takes matter in his hands with a rather physical approach. Both the men of play have to decide the best way to decide who is better is on the pitch.

Jorginho vs Kevin Phillips


 The team has to make some final arrangements and make this final a most epic one. Two sides still have to take a loss as this clash is quite heavy to be conducted. Everything is set, the venue, the lights, the Closing Ceremony, and the players with their managers. All you need to do now is give your views on this one. Also, Sit back and enjoy this for one Last time this footballing Fiesta.

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