EUROS 2020-21: Group E – Preview


Football season is getting interesting as we see the International championship are on time. After being shifted one year ahead due to the pandemic, EURO Cup is finally round the honor. Each country’s fans and players want some silverware to be brought to their land. 8 groups and 32 teams are getting ready to climb the ladder with obstacles between them. Stakes are high as the teams are all set to conquer the ultimate European Supremacy.

While we are looking at all the groups, each group has its own specialty with its own set of teams ready to clash against the odds and defy them. In the case of Group E, it is a group of tough and fighting teams and some big players to conquer the moment. We have young and fierce enough Spain, with assertively quick Poland. Also, Swedes and Slovakia with their ‘Never Give Up’ attitude to tune the entertainment. Let us see how this group is up for the task to get to the Top 2 of Group E.

Team Involved in Group E


Looking at this team, I don’t have any reason to deny the fact that they are the contenders of the Top 2. Though many big names like Sergio Ramos, Parejo, Canales are missing, it is a very reliable squad. Luis Enrique hopefully believes youngsters will make an impact, with just 24 selected out of 26 allowed. Some famous young guns are seen amongst members namely Ferran Torres, Aymeric Laporte, David De Gea, Cesar Azpilecueta, and many more on the Spanish sheet.

Group E Spain

Players to watch out for

  • Ferran Torres

Impressing everyone in the league stages, this young lad is going out on Europe’s biggest of stages to make an impact. His decisive touches and finishing might be the factor that he is in our A list.

  • Marcos Llorente

This playmaker from Atletico De Madrid will be the showman for Spaniards on these big occasions. His runs and his passes might be the points that no one can deny of him being around the pitch the whole time.


The most interesting team and the most probable qualifier for the Round of 16 spots are the men from Poland. This team has an attacking approach whenever they get possession and charge to their target with ease. After a disastrous 2018 WC, they might look out for their dominant phase somewhere in this tournament. Their main man in the business, Robert Lewandowski is going to be their key to success. On the defense half, they have an arsenal in their hand named Wojciech Szczesny, his keeping is known worldwide. Kamil Piatkowski will be their guy on the first line of defense. Also, some big names like Milik, Piatek, and Zielinski are the ones to count on.

Group E Poland

Players to watch out for

  • Robert Lewandowski

When you need entertainment and countless goals, he is always in action.  Impressing everyone around the world with his top-notch finishing and ace touches, he has everyone eyes around him. The potential Ballon D’or nominee has the prove his worth for that honour.

  • Wojciech Szczesny

The guy who can stay calm and be firm on those finishes to hold them from going back of the net. His Early and vital jumps and key clearances can help Poland over and over again this tournament.


The Swedes have proved a lot in recent years under their captain Grandquist and some main names for the squad that have helped out. The absence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic might hurt as he was going to return to International football after his retirement. Youngsters have cherished them up at times, Isak is one of the names that come up forward. Defense is strong with Grandquist joined by Victor Lindelof and his commanding aura.

Group E Sweden

Players to watch out for

  • Victor Lindelof

The commanding defender who can lead flawlessly. A true maverick in defence and a sharp interference can make him the guy to watch out for. His worth has been known this season due to Manchester United, but it is time to let this guy lead Sweden to the Top 2.

  • Emil Forsberg

This midfielder is a veteran for Sweden across all competitions and might want to give his experience expertise to everyone on the squad and might clear their road for the knockout stages.


Underdogs of this group but not to be underestimated. Slovaks might prove a threat with their stronger intent. Skriniar is the name that comes up when there is are talks about defense issues. The veteran Marek Hamsik might be the man who could properly advise the squad to not repeat the mistakes committed by them.

Euro - Slovakia
  • Marek Hamsik

The gutsy guy for the Slovaks is the man for them along this tournament. His experience and his playmaking makes the fan believe in him. He may be the guy to help Slovaks guide a respective space for them.

  • Milan Skriniar

The guy who proved his worth playing for Napoli, might want to see himself to be the limelight in the Slovakia campaign. He can be handy in defense but also key in attack purposes. This big guy will be the man to watch.

Important Matches

The list of big matches coming around from this group are here as follows.

14th June – Spain Vs Sweden

18th June – Slovakia vs Sweden

19th June – Spain vs Poland

23th June – Poland vs Swedenv

Our predictions

 What we think is according to the team explained and opinions made. So considering everything on the plate, Spain might be the team that wants to ace this group. Poland will be the 2nd on that accord, Slovaks and Sweden might be in a tussle with Poland over the 2nd spot, but Poland has a major hand over them.


 About Group E, it is a great group with great responsibility on their shoulder to maintain their pressure amongst all of them. This group can simple than spoken or tougher than observation. About this tournament, there is nothing you can predict about. What we can say is, it is an interesting group to look at, so pick your sides, grab your seat and enjoy this magnificent European football fiesta at the comfort of your home.

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