Impact Player of 2020: Bruno Fernandes


Finally the year 2020 is coming to an end. This year has been a hell of a ride for everyone as especially the football fans and players. As you might have seen in one of our latest Instagram stories, we had posted a poll on who has been the better impact player in the Premier League this year among Bruno Fernandes and Kevin De Bruyne.
Unsurprisingly, the majority of our viewers opted for Bruno Fernandes. Hence, we decided to write about the Portuguese midfielder in our latest article.
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Bruno Fernandes


Bruno Bruno, He is our Portuguese Magnifico…..This chant is one every Manchester United fan’s lips. Bruno Fernandes made his debut against Wolves in the premier league match at Old Trafford on 1st Feb 2020. Since then, this guy has been phenomenal for Manchester United. A team that was struggling in the first half of the last season and was sitting on 8th position with rumors of Ole getting the sack after each match. Manchester United managed to finish 3rd with 66 points and all credit is to that one player and he is Bruno Fernandes.

Bruno Fernandes (MANCHESTER United)
Bruno Fernandes (MANCHESTER United)


United was in touch with Bruno and his agent in the summer of 2019 but the deal didn’t go through. Thus United made another attempt as they were struggling for creativity in the first half of the season. After Bruno made a debut against Wolves united was unbeaten in the premier league from February to the end of the last season and ultimately they finished 3rd. Bruno was a perfect no.10 for Manchester United under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer whose ideal formation is 4 2 3 1. Bruno made his first assist against Chelsea and scored his first goal for Manchester United came against Watford on 23rd February 2020. The guy show his potential when he played against Manchester City at Old Trafford. There he was like a nightmare for Manchester City’s defense.


Many rival fans doubted Bruno Fernandes when he joined Manchester United. They all were thinking that it will take him time to adapt to new surroundings but they were wrong. As he made an instant impact and won 3 players of the month awards within the span of 6 months and that too in his first year only and against the likes of Kevin de Bruyne, Jack Grealish, Wijnaldum, and many more. Bruno is not only good on-field but he is also a good leader. He is a player who always fights for his teammates, who always wants to win each and every game, and also wants to play more and more.


Bruno Fernandes playing style is very unique as often no.10 are considered lazy while doing their defensive duties but Bruno is an exception to it. He always defends as soon as he loses the ball and presses really high. He is always running and is a versatile player who can also play as no. 8. And still can create many chances as he is having quite a good vision to find spaces and break opposition who loves to sit back and play on the counterattack.


In the end, we can say that Bruno is a player who is like magic for Ole and his boys. He is a soul to this struggling and inconsistent team, a man out of them all the boys in a dressing room, and a good and passionate player who loves to play for the badge and a leader (though not official).

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