Messi – What’s next for the Argentinian Superstar?

2020 has already been a very strange year for football fans, even more for Cules. The news of Leo Messi wanting to leave FC Barcelona has stormed the internet like wildfire. Every social media platform was overflowing with just one word. MESSI. Everyone has only one question on their minds right now – Will Messi leave?

It’s pretty evident that the best player in the world has finally decided that enough is enough as he wants to end his 20-year long association with Barcelona. Now the question that remains is that where would he go? The answer would be practically anywhere. But let’s come to the actual question – who can afford the best player in the world? Here are some of the options where he could end up going too if he leaves FC Barcelona.

Messi and Reunion with Pep!

Messi Pep

Since the news of Messi leaving broke out all eyes were on Machester City as one of the top contenders who could succeed in landing the fellow Argentine. City has Pep as their boss and his admiration of the Argentine has never been hidden by him. Messi has himself said that his time working under Pep was the best period of his career. However, he earns close to 1 million euros per week and not many clubs could afford this. But for City, money has never be an issue. The Argentinian striker wants to win a Champions League before ending his career and Pep also hasn’t won one with Manchester City so a reunion could work for both.

Getting Back Together

Messi Neymar

The MSN trio ruled the footballing world till 2017 scoring goals for fun. However, since Neymar left for PSG, the trio got broken. This is something that did not go down well with Barca’s captain.

Since then, he has suffered back to back 3 embarrassments in CL and he has been reportedly trying to get back with Neymar. The Argentinian has publicly stated his wish of playing alongside him. PSG looks desperate for that CL trophy and could end up getting Messi to Paris , thus reuniting him with Neymar so that they can go all out for Champions League title in the coming season.

Either Messi vs Ronaldo or Messi and Ronaldo

Messi Ronaldo

Since Ronaldo left Madrid for Juventus the Spanish league went down a bit in terms of marketing and viewership. La Liga’s market was cut short as the fierce rivalry of Messi vs Ronaldo wasn’t exitstant anymore. The six-time Ballon d’Or winner might just move to Serie A could reignite the contest between two icons of football once again. Conte’s Inter has been after Messi for a long time. They will be looking for ways to get Argentine on board.

2020 has been a strange year and we have seen many unexpected things happen this time around. Could we see the two icons of modern football playing together at Turin? It will be a swansong for both to lift UCL trophy together playing alongside and assisting one another. The Internet would definitely lose its mind if this happens.

Home Sweet Home!


Since the news of Messi leaving Barca broke there have been widespread marches in Argentina calling him back home. The 32-year-old was a Newell’s Old Boys player before joining La Masia. He has openly said on many occasions that he would like to return there before ending his playing career. Could this be the time Messi chooses to go back to his home and lead a peaceful life? A life without the burden of expectations and disappointments from repeated embarrassments? His current club Barca would definitely prefer this option as he won’t come back to hurt them in Europe.


While Messi is most likely to join Manchester City if he leaves Barcelona, it would be unfair to write off the other clubs mentioned on this list.

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