El Clasico – Eternal Rivalry Comes to Life

El Clasico, the rivalry that started with the Spanish Civil War in 1939 and many socio-political incidents converted this into the biggest rivalry in the world. Played between the Blaugranas of Barcelona and the Blancos of Madrid, this is a huge battle in Spain. This rivalry has the views of football fans from all over the world. This rivalry has two sides of fans who have their own opinions on the club they support and their rival club. People unite and choose their team for the day and this day is the most auspicious out of all days in the footballing world.


So we here at BTM decided to take look at how El Classico shapes up from fans’ point of view. Let us see what the fans think about this game –

EL Clasico

What do the fans think when they hear the words “El Clasico”?

Magical, exciting and legendary, these 3 words sum up the whole El Clasico situation for the fans. Fans also think that the moments it gave in the past might want to repeat themselves in the future. This battle is particularly famous for the most creative goals and last-minute winners, so the fans expect the same. Anything can happen since this is the biggest rivalry in Spain also throughout the footballing world.

 How does winning an El Clasico changes the morale of the team and the fans?

Winning the biggest game makes fans proud. It is obvious there will be a big morale boost for the team as well as the fans. Fans somewhat represent the mentality the players of the club go through. Their belief in their respective clubs gets stronger as they win the El Clasico, and you might see the same belief in the team winning this game. Any team who wins gets a belief of winning the league and winning the world of football momentarily.

What is fans’ honest Perspective on current teams of both clubs?

Every team had its changes over time and looking at the sheets there is much of a difference. As for FC Barcelona, after their major star Lionel Messi missing this year they have to find their new hero for this year’s Classico. As the situation for FC Barcelona, Memphis Depay must rise to the occasion and deliver his best for the team. Barcelona also has some defensive issues but fans hope Gerard Pique has some experience to offer to the youngsters.

For the Blancos, their defensive issues are a big worry after the departures of Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane. Very inconsistent performance from them leads to tension. Real Madrid has a better midfield and attack than FCB. Fans and even neutrals believe Real Madrid has an upper edge. Ronald Koeman needs to execute his plans in a better way or else there is a chance of him getting sacked from FC Barcelona, fans added. Overall to sum up  Real Madrid have an upper hand over Barca, but anything can happen over a course of time after it’s An El Clasico!

What is going to be the major missing for the fans in this El Clasico?

For every El Clasico fan, the star rivalry is going to be the major missing. After the departures of legendary players like Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane and Lionel Messi, and Ronaldo there are almost no star rivalries left. Karim Benzema is a star for Los Blancos, and Busquets for FC Barcelona, there still won’t be any rivalry between them. Youngsters on both sides might not create the hype like before, so that’s a major missing for some fans.  

Fans’ Predictions for the El Clasico

As we said before, anything can happen over the course of time, but as the fans said, real Madrid has an upper hand over Barcelona. According to us and the fans, Real Madrid might win in with a narrow margin, possibly or 2-1 or 1-0 . But, whatever happens, it is going to be a hell of a game.

Fans have their own perception of this auspicious of games. But it is on the players who will show their game on the field. So anything can coincide with time, as it is the El Clasico. So reserve the booking of your seats and mark your predictions for the day.

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