Koeman Sacked? Here How He can Save His Job

Is Koeman that bad?

Ronald Koeman has been Barcelona’s manager for about 14 months and has enjoyed success as well as endured failure. Barcelona won their 31st Copa Del Rey title but they missed the golden opportunity to win Laliga and were humiliated yet again in the champions league this time by PSG and then Bayern again. This season Barcelona haven’t had the best of starts to their season, in the 4 Laliga games they have played the Blaugrana have won 2 and Drawn 2 not to mention their 3-0 demolition by Bayern in the first group stage game of the champions league, these band performances don’t go well along with the statements made by Koeman during the pre and post-match press conference, saying stuff like ‘the club has a future because of me’ and ‘We played a lot of young players if we had attacked more we would have lost by more goals’



Here how Koeman save his job

1) Stop Making Excuses

Koeman is known to make excused after every defeat and draw sometimes blaming the referee and even its own players rather than taking the blame himself, it is understandable that Barcelona hasn’t had their best players fit at all times but as the coach, you need to improvise and get the results.

2) Getting over his grudges against players and utilize their potential

We all know about Koeman arrogance and his grudges against some players in the squad and how this has led to the downfall of the team, players like Puig, Pjanic Collado Firpo are good players and can help out the team with their skills and caliber, not getting enough minutes eventually lead most of them leaving the club. Puig on the other hand stayed and is still fighting to get minutes but Koeman tends not to use him even when the team is in a losing position.

Ronald Koeman
Ronald Koeman

3) Not to panic when the team is losing

Since the start of his spell as the Barca coach, we have seen Koeman panic. When the team is losing, this leads to him making needless and forgettable substitutions and changing tactics which only leads to the opposition breaking through more effectively, when the team is down, he tends to send all players in forwarding positions we saw these plenties of times last seasons notably during his early games as Barca coach, games against Getafe and Deportivo Alaves after the 70th minute the team looked like it was playing in a 2-2-6 formation. Even recently the 4th league game of the season against Granada the Frontline consisted of Araujo Pique and Luke De Jong this clearly shows how he panics and misreads the situations.

4) Improving Substitutions

In his entire spell as the Barcelona boss neither once has his substitutions payed off and helped the team. His substitution is absolutely ridiculous and forgettable the only exception being when he brings on Messi to save the game which he did multiple times last season, the best example being the game against Real Betis in the initial stages of the league last season. Koeman has the tendency to make bad choices, the best example being bringing on Roberto against Levante in one of the last games of the season. That game in Laliga was a must-win game for the Blaugrana to ensure that they still stand a chance to win Laliga, the result being Barca blew a 2-0 lead to draw the game 3-3 which eventually crashed them out of any title chances.


Koeman did a much better job last season when he took over Barcelona after the 2-8 loss to Bayern, this squad has the talent but lacks proper navigation and now it’s up to Koeman how he plays his cards and leads the team in the upcoming matches. Koeman’s job is on thin ice and if he doesn’t get results in the next games, he will be definitely sacked.

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