Liverpool vs Real Madrid : History of UCL


In the history of European football, UCL has been the most prized asset for a team to win. A UCL campaign can actually decide whether the overall season for a particular team has been successful or not. The upcoming final between the Reds and Real Madrid will be 67th UCL final. So, without further ado let’s take a look at Liverpool’s final history first .

UCL Finals of Liverpool

The Reds have played 9 UCL finals which is a record of English club . They emerged victorious in their first two consecutive appearances in 1977 beating Borussia Mönchengladbach (3-1) with Terry McDermott , Tommy Smith , Phil Neal on target for Pool. Then against Club Brugge KV (1-0) with heroics of Sir Kenny Dalgish in 1978 . Soon after in 1981 the Reds defeated Madrid with a goal lead in their first ever UCL final clash .

Liverpool’s 1978 victory over Club Brugge

Till now Liverpool has won 6 UCL titles . They witnessed first UCL final defeat in 1985 against Juventus (1-0) . And the other two losses came against AC Milan in a thrilling penalty shoot out (3-2) and against Real Madrid in 2018 (3-1) .

With a record of nearly 66 % in UCL finals and the urge to take revenge against Madrid the reds are on high hopes at Parc Des princes , Paris.

UCL Finals of Real Madrid

No team has been dominated European football quite like Real Madrid did . They reached the inaugural final and won it in 1956 . Since then the UCL is being turned out to be a Real Madrid – league as the club made record 16 final appearances till now and won the 13 of them that’s what makes them giants of world football .

Real Madrid’s first UCL victory in 1956

No club has won the competition as many times as they have (13) ,scored as many goals (1020) or made it to most finals 16 and the most appearances also .

Since the 1956 inaugural tournament they remained champions for hooping five consecutive seasons . In 1956 they defeated Stade Reims (4-3) after that in 1957 Fiorentina (2-0) , in 1958 AC Milan (3-2) , in 1959 again hunted Stade Reims (2-0) and in 1960 Eintracht Frankfurt scoring seven goals to three . That sums up their 5 season champions run which is the longest one .

Their first defeat came up against Eusébio’s mighty Benifica (5-3) in 1962 where a Ferenc Puskás hattrick wasn’t enough to hold Benfica . After that Real Madrid also lost against Inter Milan (3-1) under Helenio Herrera .
The loss against Bob paisley’s Liverpool in 1981 was the last time that Real Madrid lost a UCL final .

Winning 13 games of 16 with 82 % success rate Madrid would like to continue dominating European football on clash against Liverpool in Paris .


In the UEFA Champions League, the two teams played a total of 7 games before. Out of 7 Liverpool won 2, Real Madrid won 4 and the two teams drew 1 . With Salah and co. trying to get their hands on title, it will be challenging for whites to hold them back . On the other hand captain Benzema leading the attack with Vinicius Jr. it will be a big challenge for Liverpool defense to cope up with the their pace.

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