UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Draw Review


The (UEFA) Champions League draw was held earlier today with the big 8 moving on to the next round of fixtures. All eight teams going into this round had proven their success and efforts. They had some magnificent victories in both, the group and knockout stage. PSG beat a mighty Barcelona to get here. Chelsea too dealt with Atletico over two legs.  Other matches were perhaps less entertaining but nonetheless difficult. The team’s that made it to the quarters were:


  • Paris Saint Germain
  • Manchester City
  • FC Porto
  • Real Madrid
  • Bayern Munich
  • Real Madrid
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Chelsea

There were various probably charts floating around before the game. People had already speculated about the big games but what came was very different. So without further wait, let’s dive into the matches!

1) Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund

City’s first challenge was a German club: Borussia Monchengladbach. Their second challenge now is also a German club. Perhaps a much better one too. That being said, Monchengladbach’s gaffer will be switching to Dortmund come the season end.

Manchester City vs Dortmund (uefa)
Manchester City vs Dortmund

Dortmund will be elated after their win against Sevilla. A 5-4 aggregate which had a lot of excitement. However, City’s 4-0 win against Monchengladbach is only a sign of how good they can be. Haaland will be sure to enjoy this one but goals might not form easily for Dortmund. The City defense has surprisingly been a major plus for them this season. No matter what, we expect this to be one big thriller.

2) FC Porto vs Chelsea

Before this draw, Liverpool was already sceptical of playing against Porto. Diego Jota stated that he feared playing against them more than City or Bayern. We wonder if Chelsea feels the same. Porto’s results in the group stages were exceptional. Moreover, they beat Juventus to this spot. If anyone is hungry for success, it is them.

Porto vs Chelsea ( champions league)
Porto vs Chelsea

Chelsea too saw out a sturdy Atletico Madrid in the first round. Someone’s men tried hard but just couldn’t break the Blue wall. Not just the strikers, but even Kante and Christensen impressed. Porto to have a similar great team. Their players are smart and work industriously. Who will win this one? Time will tell.

3) Bayern Munich vs Paris Saint Germain

Paris have had a tough road up until now. Sadly for them, the road has just gotten tougher. Last year’s final match will very soon be playing out again. Surely Paris will want their revenge.

Bayern vs City ( Champions league)
Bayern vs City

Notably, Neymar was missing from their game against Barcelona and yet, they managed to beat them. Bayern to have had a great run so far with dominating wins that fuel their hunger for a UCL #2. The German side with an informed Lewandowski can arguably do what they want. They’re already on a treble-winning high and could cause some serious damage here.

4) Real Madrid vs Liverpool

How many times have we seen this fixture now? From unfulfilled finals to epic battles, everything is at bay. Liverpool may not be having the best of a Premier League season but they’re brilliant in the Champions League. Their win against Leipzig only cemented their dominance.

Madrid vs Liverpool (uefa)
Madrid vs Liverpool

On the other hand, Liverpool turned a fantastic game around against Atlanta. Till the very end, Atlanta threatened to go through. The Los Blancos played like the experienced team that they were and made sure that they advance. Surely their heroics could very well continue here but will they be able to edge past Liverpool?


Overall, this will surely be an exciting round of fixtures in the (UEFA) Champions League. As the league gets tighter, there is bound to be pressure. Don’t be alarmed if you see some major surprises here.

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