Is The Bundesliga Farmer’s League 2.0 ?


Bayern Munich fans are celebrating their 9th title win in a row in Bundesliga. The German club last season created history by winning all 6 major trophies in a season. The Sextuple was earlier won by FC Barcelona in the year 2009. However, with their dominant force in the German league, the main question that arises is Bundesliga a farmer’s league. Some of the Bayern Munich fans might disagree with this looking at their recent success in the Champions League. To back this argument here are some of the facts that support the claim.

What is a farmer’s league?

Many leagues have only one dominant team who wins the league. For example, the French top-tier football league, Ligue 1 has a dominant side based in Paris. PSG has been a dominant force in France’s league since the 2012-2013 season. Since then PSG has only lost one season to Monaco in the 2016-2017 season. However, this season, it seems like PSG would not be able to successfully defend their title and be losing it to Lille.

Bayern Munich winning

A farmer’s league can be considered when there is no other dominant force in the league to challenge the main contender. Continuous defending the championship is one thing but other teams not posing any danger to the leaders is what makes the league a farmer’s league. Now, is Bundesliga being a farmer’s league, well the winning streak of Bayern Munich makes it looks so.

The problem with other teams

The only other side who is likely to compete against Bayern Munich in Dortmund. However, other teams that have posed a great competition to the German giants in recent years are RB Leipzig, Wolfsburg, and Schalke 04. Let’s not talk about the other teams and focus on Dortmund as it is the most popular team in the world football from Germany after Bayern Munich. The main problem with Dortmund is that it is not a top-tier club. To simplify Dortmund is a 4 ½ starts team and Bayern Munich is a 5-start team, they are close. Now, looking at the history of the club, Dortmund has managed to win a league only twice in the last 11 years. The Club has been focusing on doing good business rather than focusing on becoming a dominant force on the German side.


The last time they won the league was when the current Liverpool manager Klopp was in charge. Rather than backing the managers and players, the club let them go for good money. The good deals are helping the club get more finance, but the silverware and title are nowhere to be seen. Dortmund has sold good players to their arch-rivals Bayern Munich numerous times. Bayern Munich has a history of poaching quality players from rival clubs like Goretzka bought from Schalke, Club captain Manuel Neuer, Benjamin Pavard. Their star Polish striker Robert Lewandowski made a free transfer to Bayern Munich. However, other clubs have been focusing on doing business than making themselves established in the league.

The failure of Bayern Munich in European Competition in recent years

FC Bayern Munich has failed in the Champions leagues many times in their last 9 years’ winning streak. Winning only twice in 2013 when they faced Dortmund. A season before that they faced Chelsea and missed quite good chances. However, their incredible run in the 2020 season was quite exceptional but to be completely honest they have faced the teams who were not performing well. Their win over FC Barcelona in the last season was incredible but they also happen to face the worst Barcelona side in the 21st century.

This season the German side was knocked out of the Champions League by PSG, whom they defeated to be crowned European Champions. Even after having an exceptional manager like Pep Guardiola, the side failed to win the champions league. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if the side will take another few years to win the Champions league while maintaining their streak in winning the league.

farmers LEAGUE


While the other clubs in the league not focusing on winning the league and are busy doing good business, Bundesliga is a Farmer’s league. There is no possible threat to the current Bundesliga champions and they will continue their dominance if it continues like that. An interesting fact about stats is that Bayern Munich is one of those clubs to maintain a long winning streak. This is indeed good for the clubs, but the other clubs that have maintained the same streak are not the world’s top leagues. This will take out the competitive nature from the league and there will only remain a single dominant force or in this case the glorious club of Bayern Munich.

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  1. Yes it’s a farmers league although the quality of football is good and its entertaining.People in India (Neutral fans)mostly dont watch it as the same team ends up winning the title.


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